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Monday, August 4, 2014

At the Show - The Daring Downton Debacle Challenge Quilts

I made to the Pieceful Gathering quilt show on Saturday and got to see all of the completed Daring Downton Debacle quilts that were entered and hung together for the viewers to vote for their favorite.  

This was the view at the top of the stairs.

So if you hadn't seen my quilt before, would you know which one was mine?

The Downton Abbey collection had dark colors, somber colors and light, almost washed out colors. It is so interesting to see how others mixed the collection with other fabrics. 

I picked saturated tones based on the floral medallion fabrics. Here is the first picture of my FINISH!

The show is hung right next door to the shop in an engineering firm's office building.  While it does not have the best lighting and space for taking pictures, the location is perfect, convenient, and it has railing and two floors to hang quilts on. 

I have more pictures from the show to share tomorrow.

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  1. Wow, Cherry, it looks fantastic! You would get my "viewers choice" vote!