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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Transitional Summer Irish Chain

Sunday's Studio Time results in a Summer Irish Chain Quilt top.

I unpacked the pre-packaged 2 and a half inch strips and laid them out to look at the color, patterns and value progression.

Hmm - 10 different fabrics with 2 strips (WOF) of each color.  It needed a few more neutrals to carry the progression and balance the almost solid watercolor batik in darker turquoise I had already purchased


I ended up with 8 colors and 8 neutrals (one was repeated). 

Color strips paired with their neutral strips
 Three of the neutrals were used for the solid 6 inch alternate blocks.  I didn't fuss over the block placement - much.  This is just suppose to be a fun Summer throw size quilt. And to get me into the 9 patch mindset so I can start spring-boarding. 

The color strips yielded 7 blocks of each color for a total of 56.  It took a bit of quilt math to get the strip cuts figured out to maximize the fabric I had.  I only needed 55 for this layout or 61 to even out the rows. I opted to just have an extra 9 patch block, which is probably going to end up on the back of the quilt. Lots of chain piecing to get this done quickly!

The blocks were stitched into 4 sections and then the four sections joined, though that's not pictured here.

I auditioned the dark turquoise solid for either a 2-4 inch border or just a binding.

I decided on using it for a binding, skipping a border on this quilt.  The top is pieced and ready to go with me next week to be layered.

Of course, I had some special help in the studio while stitching this top and can't resist sharing them with you.

Time to start thinking about the New Quilt from Old Favorites 9 Patch and packing up some fabric for that to take with on my Road Trip, too.

Intrigued? More on the Road Trip later...there will be quilts and fabrics involved!

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  1. Love the fabric, the quilt, and best of all the help! :) :)