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Monday, August 11, 2014

Packing Up the Featherweight

Very early Friday morning, it was time.

You would think I would be excited to be sending off my 1949 Featherweight to be repainted.  And I am. But I'm also anxious.  Bottom line - it's weird, or maybe I'm a little weird.  I know it will be in good hands when it gets to Gerald in Arkansas. 

And I took great care in packing it up.

Really - there is a sewing machine under there.

I used over half the roll of bubble wrap, built double walls and a double bottom into the box, and double & triple taped the seams. Maybe that's where my unease come from - the shipping portion of this adventure.

Well - it off, via UPS, on it's way to the ultimate machine makeover.  

What color did I finally decide on??  I could make you all wait until she's safely back home....but I'm not that mean.

House of Kolor


Kandy Base Coats are a mixture of Kandy and select Pearls into a SHIMRIN® Universal Base Coat that mimics a Kandy finish.  

Though this is my Special birthday present  - it won't get back in time for the actual day.  That's okay. It will be worth the wait.  In the meantime, I am carefully tracking the box on it's outbound trip.


  1. She is going to be beautiful!

    The "extra" Featherweight that lived at my house has gone home with the newest seamstress in the family - lovely to see the sewing gene carry on into the next generation. Isn't it great that our beloved Featherweights can keep sewing far into the future?

  2. How exciting! And a very apt colour choice.

    Good luck on your journey, little featherweight!