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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dog Eared Stockpile

After last week's snowstorm, temps dipped down quite low making it too cold to spend evenings in the studio. 

Wanting to be productive and warm,  I opted for some hand work - without a needle & thread - up in the living room.

I have about a GAZILLION dog ears to trim off the HSTs. 

It was important to keep the trimmings under control, lest the pets decide to eat them as fabric salad! 

Drake was thrilled to be upstairs snoozing on the couch rather than downstairs.

I was thrilled to see these units stacking up, all ready to be used. Going to have to do some quilt math soon to figure out the setting for the Ocean Waves. Wonder how many 'extra' HSTs I've made so far?  This is too much quilty fun!

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