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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dog Ears & Kitty Paws

I received some very special help trimming a gazillion dog ears off the blue batik HSTs. 

Nope - still couldn't convince the DH that this would be a relaxing and rewarding evening activity while watching TV.  Not sure why - he's usually pretty easy going about these things and doesn't mind helping.  I probably need to bake him some of his favorite cookies, even though he did the grocery shopping yesterday and there is quite the collection of baked goodies that came home with him.

Zena wasn't interested in being involved in my project either.

Since Sweet Man wasn't up to the challenge, Ziggy took pity on me and decided to lend a helping paw.

DH did find this amusing enough to take pictures of her getting involved in my quilt work.

It's not always easy to get a picture of Ziggy but she loves the 'Living Room Camo' quilt

About 900 of the HSTs have been prepped for sewing.  And I've been kicking around a second quilt design for these units - after I finish the Ocean Waves of course. 

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