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Monday, February 16, 2015

Little Bit of February Love

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm a little late with my wishes but I'm hoping you all had a great weekend. DH and I planned a quiet, low key, stay-at-home date day.

It included cooking, laundry and, yes - some sewing time!
Okay, it also included quality couple time watching movies and sharing dessert - white chocolate raspberry bar cake - YUM!!

I did some early morning stitching so I would have hand work to do during the movie. Wonder what I was working on?

Look familiar?  This is the first batch of blue batik HSTs: 468 units!

This is the second batch I sewed on Saturday that still needs to be cut apart: 452 units!

That gives me 920 HST units done. 

The funny thing:

I STILL have these two piles of blue squares that need to be matching with cream-ish batik and sewn up.  I have no idea how many squares are there.  I'm not going to stop & count them but I am going to have to find another cream or two to get them stitched.  Oh, darn! a little more fabric shopping!

Now if only I could find something creative to do with these.

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