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Monday, February 2, 2015

New Colors Out & Under the Needle

After being out of the house extensively the last two weekend, some chores needed to be done.  I started with laundry.  Since I stripped the bedding off my bed, I thought it was time for a change of the quilt.  Winter is grinding on, including a big snow storm (more about that later) over the weekend, so I was feeling the need for some bright color in my space.

'Caribbean Solstice' makes an appearance - LOVE the bright tropical colors.  And the crinkly, washed texture. 

Happily in between chores, there was some play time.  The cutting table was cleared and some fabric came out.

Now clear, plotted plan with these except that the neutral, background will be the deep raspberry color. Plowing ahead, I started cutting...

2 inch squares piled up ready for stitching.

It would have been faster to strip piece these but sometimes the units can get a little wonky that way.  And I was feeling old school. And I'm not sure where exactly I was going with them.  And some fabrics were only fat eighths.  That's the long way to say, I needed to keep some single squares of all the colors for this as yet unknown design to take shape.  

I got busy and started chain piecing. Old episodes of QuiltCam on the laptop to keep me company and focused on the fabric. Pretzels for energy.

Before long, I had a nice pile of nine patches - 38 total. Not sure about that off red combo in the lower left corner. Love the teal & raspberry combo! It's definitely going to be different! 

This could just end up being a utility lap quilt, as an experiment in floating blocks. Feeling pretty good about the progress and having something under the needle again.  Next step - figuring out the layout.  This should be interesting. 

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