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Friday, February 13, 2015

Four More for the Stash!

Squishy Package arrived in the Post!

It was the last (hopefully) four fat quarters of Peppered Cottons to add to the Sauder Village Challenge Stash. 

They are already washed and ready to go. It's time to start playing with the color placement on the design.  Part of Valentine's weekend will be spent with this project.  That's my plan anyway and we all know how plans go sometime.

Take last night for example.  On the way home from work, I stopped and did some shopping for weekend provisions, arriving home a little later than usual to find Drake limping. Uh, Oh!  This can't be good.  DH informed me that all day was fine and the limping started at dinner time. A quick check revealed a sizable abscess between the toes on his left front foot - the size of a small grape. Crap!!

An urgent trip to the vet derailed any plans to tackle the laundry.  Oh, well - there's always tomorrow.  Drake will be fine with a little TLC and some meds. 

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  1. Poor Drake, hope his paw is feeling better now. Enjoy your quilty weekend.