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Monday, February 23, 2015

On the Mend Monday

How do you know when a quilter is actually sick?

No sewing machine sounds coming out of her studio!

How do you know if she's feeling better?

Another 400+ HST units get sewn in one afternoon!!

I did not take yet another picture of a pile of sewn squares, not cut apart or trimmed.  Just take my word for it - I got the third batch of blue batik HSTs sewn.  With luck, all of the cutting apart, trimming of dog ears and finger pressing will get done this week.  I am SO READY so start sewing some blocks together!

Once I had them sewn, I didn't feel like stitching on another project so I turned my attention to the machine.  Wild Cherry has been working hard! She needed a quick de-linting and a drink of oil.  Feeling guilty that I hadn't had Dot (the black FW) out in quite awhile, I gave her a going over.  Since she hasn't really been run since her tune up, no oil this time just some quick scrap sewing to move the mechanics.  I did need to adjust the belt tension a tiny bit. No big deal.

Finally, it was time to bring out the 301A, Wendy!  I've been meaning to get to know her and it was time!  A quick check over revealed the bobbin base 'finger' outside the groove of the needle plate.  Though I was pleased, of course, to see that she did have a bobbin case.  

It is NOT compatible with Dot - ask me how I know!  Wendy was not a linty dirty girl.  

But pulling off the needle plate and poking around revealed a long thread wrapped inside and behind the bobbin base. So glad I found it and got that out! 

Pulling the cord & pedal out of the case gave me pause. Tape. Oh, no - what was under the tape.  I was hoping ti was just there for a strange, non-repair related reason - it was. Whew! Dodged a bullet there - didn't want an electrical issue.  

I was surprised at the two separate cord system this machine has - just not used to it.  

I was generous with the oil and ran her through some scrap sewing to move those mechanics!  And she is one Clean Machine.  Check out her undercarriage!  All I did was remove the base plate - didn't clean a thing.

The tension is just a hair off but nothing that can't be worked out.  I chose not to get to deep into that - I'll save it for another day.  Right along with doing something about her beat up case.

That's a project for another day!

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