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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Weekend Shopping Adventure

Shopping Maven strikes again!

Sunday dawned cold and clear, with the open road ahead of me.  I was Northward bound - to the 4H tack sale in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The destination was to meet up with friends and our trainer, her husband, her assistant and other riders from the barn and participate in some serious secondhand shopping.

Most everyone came with a list, wanting to find many different items.  Some were experienced, others overwhelmed  and unsure where to start. To me, it's the thrill of the hunt - finding what we need, a hidden gem, a fabulous bargain or helping someone.  We were there less than 5 minutes and I had located two items on P's list! 

I found a set of burgundy shipping boots for $20. (regular price about $50.)
A saddle riser pad for only $5. (regular price about $35.)

I found a young rider a black hunt coat - little K should be able to get two show season out of it for $15. (regular price about $80.) I LOVE finding great deals!!!

The list of things goes on & on - English bridles, cotton lunge lines, padded black dressage headstall, riding gloves, breast collars, etc. Finally, after three hours of digging through bins and boxes, sorting through tables piled high, negotiating deals - I found my hidden gem.

It's a brown leather, fully padded English bridle to go with my dressage saddle - almost brand spanking new. 

I paid the full asking price of $50. Happily! As brand new, this bridle runs $199. My riding budget is carefully monitored so as not to interfere with my quilting budget.  Though with all the tack sales happening in the spring, the pendulum swings heavier toward all things horse right now.  Only two weeks until the next tack sale weekend - two different sales, two different states, double the chance of finding a good deal!


  1. Sounds like a fun day - so many bargains!

  2. I love finding a great deal too! Way to go on your horse tack! Your tidal wave quilt is coming right along!