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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Back to the Cutting Board!

Nope - no more batiks squares! Well, not little batik squares anyway.

I wanted to make sure I had projects for the evening hours so I grabbed a few extra things. Remember this? 

And then the deconstructed parts?

They came along for the ride. It's time to figure out the new layout for this quilt.  I knew I want to set the middle 9 patch on point.  But I didn't want just plain whole piece neutral setting triangles.  Of course not.  The math is tricky enough and since I decided to piece the triangles out of triangles, I just kicked the difficulty up a notch.  When in doubt - oversize them! 

I'm using the draw lines on the back & get two HST units from 2 squares method.  Since the HST units in blue and cream finish at 1.5 inches, I decided I'd use 6 inch finished  size cream HSTs to make my setting triangles, so that the scale related to each other.

Neutral batik squares

I cut the squares at 7 inches - they are huge!  The double stitching lines are all drawn on 40 of them. When I start stitching these, the batik squares will be my leaders and enders so I'll have two projects underway.  Stay tuned to see if my math is anywhere close to what it needs to be...

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