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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Stitching the Rainbow!

Rainbow Pony Pad, that is.

Meet Dudley.
Dudley - Dressed up for youth day camp fun show
Isn't he the cutest little pony?  He's a small Shetland pony up at the barn and his color (all the critters are assigned a color for their individual equipment - halters, saddle pads, grooming boxes) is rainbow!  But his small size causes some fitting issues. 

Sempstress to the rescue - ANYTHING can be made over with a bit of stitching.  In this case, we found a gently used rainbow saddle pad that needs some serious shortening. Like 5 inches taken off the back length. 

Binding half sewn back on.
The bad thing - and it really on a minor issue - is that it has to be handsewn back together.  Even trimming the inner cell cushion back from the edge leaves canvas and a thick fleecing to be sewn.  The singer workhorse machine took one look at it, made an attempt using upholstery thread and said "No way. Not going through that!"  So it's back to me, hand stitching the layers together and then sewing the binding back on.  The problem is I am really short on utility needles around here and I've already broken one in half.  Have to be really careful to get the rest of the rainbow sewn with the remaining needle I have so as not to have to even go near a store.  Maybe I can put them on the shopping list for the DH.

And speaking of rainbows - more of the daylillies are blooming. A darker rose red and a double peach.

I need to find a pretty lemon yellow one to add to the collection.  And I need to split and replant them next spring. Right along with the monster hostas that have overrun the shade garden this year. You can just barely see the fern and the astilbe back there.

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  1. Your flowers look pretty. I've never seen hostas flowering in real life. Hope you can get that saddle pad sewn without too much trouble. Hand stitching it doesn't sound like fun!