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Monday, July 20, 2015

Stash Enhancement

Right - I'm the one who just said last week that I need to go through my stash and start cutting some of it down in to the most used strip sizes so that more of the fabric becomes something, not just hanging around looking pretty and taking up space.

I was innocently driving home from a midday meeting and decided to take some of my lunchtime break at LQS... or two. I know many quilters are enjoying the Row by Row experience during their summer travels.  I hadn't given it much thought and I'm not really inclined to take on another  quilt project right now BUT I like the fun fabric license plates.

And then a few fat quarters followed me home. It was too humid outside to dry these on the line, so I had to settle for the downstairs bathroom - the lighting is not great for pictures so image these brighter - purple, red, orange and blue.

And then more neutrals followed the fat quarters.

Colors are a little richer in person
The only good thing I can say it that these pieces have already had strips cut off of them and added to the scrap strip bin.  I even cut down 2 inch squares from the new fabric and added them to the Red Tin.

The process of cutting squares from the batik stash and adding them to the Red Tin has begun. Going forward, I am trying to continue to 'Shop the Stash'.  Just need to stop driving past quilt shops!

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  1. How can one not buy fabric when at a quilt shop? We are artists and need new inspirational materials! Scraptacular!