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Monday, July 27, 2015

Finally - I Have Batik Squares!

It took an amazing amount of time to get all of the 2" batik squares cut!

Every time I thought I had all the batiks rounded up, I turned around and remembered another stash - like this pile.

I was running out of time to get things packed up so these strips were roughly cut from the batiks Teresa sent me last month.  I so have to include these special fabrics!

Wait - what??  Packed to go where? To Michigan!  Since I am still working remotely, when the the hot water heater at the Michigan house decided to die, Mom asked if I could come up & be here for the plumber to come do his thing. Fortunately, the Michigan house has DSL!  I'm thrilled I can help out my folks, still work and enjoy the peaceful surroundings!  Drake is thrilled that he got to come with me.  

Anyway, with time running short, I madly slashed my way through the green batik drawer, cutting down strips.  They filled an entire shoe box.

Sunday morning was devoted to cutting squares from the strips.  The final shot of red tin before any sewing commences.

Okay - confession time: The tin does not contain a square of every batik I own.  I have some hot citrus colors allocated to a specific future project that I won't risk running short on just to get my 2 squares of each color out of. Just. Can't. Do. It. 

Let the sewing commence!

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  1. I hope you and Drake have a relaxing time while you wait for the plumber.