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Friday, July 24, 2015

Need Another Bin? Or Two? Or Three?

The cutting in between is coming right along.  I've worked my way through the blue, red, orange/yellow and neutral batik drawers. That leaves the entire green/teal drawer yet to be cut.  I'd love to get this done by tonight so I can start the sewing together this weekend.

The Red Tin is filling up though it can be hard to tell from the photo angle.

Notice the towering stack of blue squares?
A more meaningful measure is this:

Two inch strip bin filled to overflowing already.

I've almost filled a second bin and need another bin or two!  Yikes!

Oh, I'm officially dropping out of the 'Through the Prism' challenge - just can't get in the groove on it.   That meant I could strip the batiks out of that project bin and add them to the cutting table pile for the postage stamp and strip cutting queue. 

Yep - I'll be cutting squares from those charm packs too! No piece of batik is safe from my rotary cutter.

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  1. You need an accuquilt studio if you don't already have one! LOL