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Thursday, July 16, 2015

New Tin Box of...

FABRIC, of course!

Yep - this is the beginning of a new project.  

It all started back on July 1, when Bonnie Hunter announced that her Leader and Ender Challenge for 2015 would be - Tumblers.   I personally don't care all that much for tumblers - not enough to invest the time for even a lap quilt, at the least.  But I have scraps. 

More specifically I have strip scraps.  And I recently added to them from Patriotic Twirl.  What's a quilter to do.  I have a LARGE stash, I have a small strip scrap bin.  Hmmmmm....

I came up with the brilliant idea to go through the 2 inch strip scraps and cut what I some of each down to squares. Square can be sewn together even easier than tumblers (no figuring out of the required slight offset). 

Just look at what was in the strip bin.  These are just big enough to be 2 inch squares and should have been cut down *before* going into the strip bin. 

Zip with the rotary cutter and they are now squares, ready for the new 2 inch square tin. I worked on this during part of my lunch break today. This is the pile of scraps from the scraps. 

I also decided that it would be a good idea to go into the stash and cut some strips of my most used widths from every piece of batik I own and move them to the strip bin - to be used! 

This is going to take awhile. But I'm thinking it might make a really interesting postage stamp lap quilt.  Or, given my stash size, maybe king size. This will definitely be a long term project as I'll sew them in between other projects.

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