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Friday, July 31, 2015

Setting Everything Together

I hit a LQS and found a great medium blue batik for the stop borders I think I need.

I was close to right - when pressed out the center section measured 37 3/4 inches, not 37 15/16ths inches like I thought. 

I like the idea that all the movement in the center is stopped by the blue strip and then the creams give a nice place for your eyes to rest but it's not completely quiet like a solid would be. 

Definitely like the one above as compared to the one below.

The corner units will need a blue stop border of some kind too.

And I have yet to figure out the gap spaces.  Hopefully, inspiration will hit as I stitch the center together.  This quilt keeps getting bigger and bigger as I design as I go.

Hope you have a great stitching weekend!

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