A View of My Quilt Life

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Switching to Slow Stitching

I haven't had a slow stitching project under my needle in quite some time.

The side effects of some meds require me to have things I can take up & put down easily right now - like cutting down some stash fabric.  And doing some hand quilting.  Remember this panel I picked up in Paducah back in April?

I got it layered last month and hadn't touched it since.  I picked it up the other day & got started - see my progress?

Not likely as I started with black outline quilting.  Here's the back.

Not a ton of work but it's a start and after the outlining, the stitching should get a lot more interesting. This one will be around for a while.

I must confess there is a big project hanging in the wings that I either need to move forward on or take a pass on. Just not sure yet. This week is the tipping point on it - stay tuned to see which way the decision goes.