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Friday, December 26, 2014

Boxing Day!

Around here, I'm celebrating Boxing Day with LOTS of sewing!!

Clue #5 of the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt releases this morning and I still have over half of Clue #3 units to finish - Squares, Squares, Squares!

The DH will be happy upstairs with two new video games to play. The fridge and freezer are stocked should he get hungry. The cats have some catnip and Drake has a new Kong toy. I will be in my Studio, stitching away!

Christmas was spent quietly together. Santa ran a little amok this year with gifts.

See this pretty, pretty box?

This is what it held - screwdrivers!

Yep - DH bought me not one, but two of these.  They have 7 changeable micro sized screwdriver heads that store in the handle.  Perfect for eyeglasses and laptops!  I'll have one for my desk at work & one for my backpack. Nope, I really, really wanted these!

And then he got me this.

An iron!  He was a bit hesitant to get me an 'appliance' for Christmas but I assured him the quilter in me would do the happy dance...and she did!  It's wee, lightweight, portable and just what I need/want! 

For Sweet Man, orange & black are the new Christmas red & green!

Black & Decker orange & black: battery, quick charger, safety glasses, spade bit set (rolled up), and gyro screwdriver.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas day. 

Tomorrow's post - some quilty gifts and what I (hopefully - fingers crossed!) bought during the after Christmas Day sale.

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