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Friday, December 12, 2014

Winter Greenery

What a difference this winter has been versus last year at this time!

Today's high temp will be 40 degrees, the Sunday's high of 50 degrees right around the corner. WOOHOO!!!  To put the glee in perspective, last year the  high temps were below zero. Not to mention last year's snow pack that is current no where to be found.  

But it is still winter and greenery, outside of evergreens is hard to come by. Except in my kitchen.

I have one little bright spot of spring hanging out on the kitchen counter.

And the first bloom has just opened!  While I don't wish the holidays away, and the extra quilting time from winter weather - Come On Spring! 

This weekend brings some holiday traditions - old & new - but minus the cold & snow and Clue# 3 of the Grand Illusion mystery.  Let the decking of the halls commence!

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