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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Clue # 4 - Triangles MY Way

For Clue #4 of Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion mystery, we were making more broken dishes units.  This means more half square triangles.   

There are many different ways of making these blocks - and a lot of consternation about how hard they are to make.  But since there are so many methods of making them, a quilter needs only to try the different ones until you find a way that feels right for YOU!  HSTs are a basic unit, a necessary component in a quilter's arsenal.  Sometimes being a quilter involves challenging yourself to learn something new or stepping outside your comfort zone or even, doing some math.  Practice makes muscle memory. 

For this clue, I put aside my Easy Angle ruler and went a little old school.  You see, Clue  #2 resulted in the huge pile of BONUS triangles units in black & cream and pink & cream. Aren't they pretty?

Hmm, they ARE nice but could they maybe do with some company?   Yes, why not! Instead of using my Easy Angle ruler to make the matched triangle pairs, all nicely lined up and ready to chain piece, I cut 2.5 inch squares of turquoise and cream. Out came the Gelly Roll pen and I started drawing lines.

 One line was on the true diagonal. The second line is drawn using my 2 inch triangle buddy plastic template. Using this method, each square gave me 1 HST for the GI broken dishes and 1 bonus triangle for the stash!  Did I make more work for myself and use more fabric?  Yes to both! I think it was worth it.

The neutral squares were almost invisible on the drawing paper. 

Being well prepared an office supply junkie paid off as I had this blue paper on hand. Okay, I confess - I also have yellow, orange, pink, & lime green paper  (it was an assortment package). Probably not something I use often but I am prepared in the event of an urgent need for colored paper, just like this one.

What a difference it makes!  So much easier to see the corners. Okay, so I later realized that I only needed to draw lines on either the turquoise or the cream - NOT both - DUH!  Fortunately I this came to me before I drew all the lines. No excuse other than it was late in the evening when I was doing this and the brain was tired.

Once I had drawn lines,  I started chain piecing ten units at a time - first the  middle diagonal line, then the bonus triangle line.  The extra sewing goes really fast this way.  Some clipping, cutting and finger pressing and there you have them - Half Square Triangles done my way for this clue.

Why did I choose this method this time?  Solely to enjoy the benefit of having turquoise & cream bonus HSTs!!

Aren't these pretty together?  

Into the container they go, joining the pink and black ones.

Lovely! Just Lovely! The unit stash grows.  As of right now, I'm not sure what I'll do with the bonus HSTs but it will be fun to play with them.  

Now if only I can convince the DH to trim those dog ears for me.  

I wonder if he'll do it for pie...

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  1. I like that there are so many ways to achieve the same end, so everyone can do what suits them best. I'll enjoy seeing what you do with your pretty bonus units!