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Thursday, December 18, 2014

New Quilter's Book!

WICKED… the Quilter’s Book.

Remember way back last spring when I participated in the WICKED challenge by Cherrywood Fabrics?  

And then they kept all 114 entries as a traveling exhibit?  And 27 of them are currently at the Gershwin Theater on Broadway where WICKED is performed?  And the other 87 are on display at the store In Minnesota?  And they have 14 show venues and museums that the exhibit will be travelling to in 2015?

Well, Cherrywood Fabrics has just announced that they will be publishing a BOOK of all 114 entries that were created for the WICKED challenge!! 

The preview of the book is posted here.  They are now taking pre-orders to help determine the quantity to print.   I just ordered mine! More than anything, it will be so cool to see how everyone interpreted the theme in fabric!  Can’t wait…

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  1. WHOOT! Whoot! What fantastic news, I am so excited for you. Love the fact that your wickedly evil boots are going to be in the book. Congratulations to the best quilter I know. hugs!!!!!