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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December Recap & December 2014 New FO Link Up

I am participating in Barbara at Cat Patches 2014 NewFO Challenge. Click here to see everyone's new projects  December NewFO Challenge and Linky Party

Barbara has been graciously hosting this for three years and this is the last one as she has decided to retire the NewFO for the time being. A huge THANK YOU to Barbara for inspiring us to just start something new, anything new - each and every month!

My December 2014 quilt stats:

1 Ongoing NewFO:  I am working on my Bonnie Hunter Grand Illusion mystery quilt, along with thousands of other quilters across the globe! I technically started this on Saturday, November 29th but close enough since every week since I worked on a new clue.  Pictured below are the units from each of the five weeks so far.

We should be getting close to the finish on this – can’t wait to see how it all comes together!!  Interestingly enough, I am only using 1 green, 1 turquoise, 1 cream, 1 yellow & 1 black and only 7 different pinks!  Twelve fabrics total - that’s not very many for me at all!!

1 New FO:  I have started on the baby/kids quilt made from the Moda Chirp, Chirp jelly roll.  

I chose to work with the lighter, patterned strips for this project. Leaving the strip doubled over, I cut 4.5 inch segments (bricks) until I could only cut a 2.5 square.  I took each pair of the bricks and sewed them together into 4.5 inch squares.  

These larger squares will be sashed by a solid color to form the center of the quilt body. White and pale green were under consideration for the sashing - green won.

The 2.5 inch square will also be sashed by the solid color and be used as the borders.  According to my sketch and preliminary quilt math, it should finish about 50 x 60.

1 Challenge NewFO moving up to design stage:  Fabric swatch card is at the ready.  

The drafting of the design and color placement has commenced.  

The triple windmill design is based on an 8 x 8 grid.  The only way for me to piece this will be on paper foundations!

1 New Idea – a pre-NewFO:  I’ve been thinking about flying geese in citrus batiks, and how they can line dance across a quilt. Preliminary design sketches are as far as I’ve got. But this deadline is just under two years away so I’m right on track!

Thought I would get more started/done this month but not so much!  There’s always next year!

And no, I don’t have my 2015 Quilt plan put together yet but that definitely NEEDS to get done over the next few days.  I don’t make resolutions. I make plans, with timelines & deadlines – especially for the challenge quilts.

See you all next year!!


  1. You are very creative with your designs, and all your projects look great. Thanks for participating, and keep starting new stuff!

  2. I'm really loving your idea for the flying citrus geese, it looks beautiful. I can't wait to watch the progress.

  3. You have some great starts here and it's cool that you've organized them around various challenges. My hat's off to you for doing Bonnie's latest mystery. Doing one is still a "one day" project for me. December got away from me too but New Year, new start!

  4. Your mystery quilt sure has a lot of parts & great colors! Love the green you chose for the sashing on the jelly roll quilt. Interesting to see your design beginnings too. Thanks for sharing your NewFOs with us!