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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcoming in the NEW YEAR!!!

Happy 2015!!!

I have already begun as I mean to go on.  I just quickly organized some photo files & folders from the last two years.  It took all of two minutes!!  That old adage will most likely become my motto for this year

"Begin as you mean to go on"

For me, that means starting things off on the right foot at the right time, being prepared & keeping things in order from the get go, as well as finding a place for everything and everything in it's place.  If I something doesn't have a place, then it needs to go on to somewhere else, where someone else can use and enjoy it.

Didn't mean to get so heavy right off the bat, but there are goals to achieve this year. No sense in waiting to start right on them.  I am hoping to get more utility quilts done in between the challenge projects.  I can mull over design ideas while pushing fabric under the needle.  

I'll even bet the design decisions will come faster as I use the other part of my brain to focus on 1/4 inch seams. LOL! Just you watch! 

As for today, DH & I are gathering with friends.  

And at some point this evening,  I will start un-sewing half of the sashing on the Chirp, Chirp blocks.  

Late yesterday, I realized that since these blocks are set vertically, you only need sashing on the top or bottom - not both. DUH!!!  Really dumb mistake as I've made this pattern before & clearly wasn't as focused as I should have been.

Maybe I need to add 'FOCUS' as my word of 2015...

What's you word or saying for 2015?  

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  1. The little girl in the photo looks just like you Cherry!

    My word for 2015 will be--- embrace. Embrace my love for weaving and weave to please myself.