A View of My Quilt Life

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

So, I Sewed and Un-Sewed!

My Grand Illusion mystery quilt top came down off the design wall, so no more kitty ambush games could be played. 

I was worried that they would either pull it down or accidentally rip the fabric.  

But never fear!!  I had another project in the works.  I had started this back in December in between working on the GI clues.  

And I over-sewed, which leads to this:

a pile of un-sewn strips.  Rather than sit and un-sew all at once, I sat at my machine and un-sewing as I went along sewing the units together.  It kept me motivated to keep going.

Once I got this half done, I wanted to get the rest finished!  Sunday was a great day for stitching! 

I have borders planned but not yet started.  For now, "Chirp, Chirp Tiles" is hanging on the design walls. This quilt needs to be finished as soon as possible to get it off the list - it will be a donation for a benefit auction later this spring.


  1. Love the chirping quilt, very pretty!

  2. Cherry! I am playing catch up due to going back to work! Your GI Mystery quilt is just fabulous! Congrats on your finish! This new quilt is really great too!