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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Road to Sauder Village Challenge

I have come to a realization… those pesky Borders were a Roadblock!

I had pieced them, they looked a little wonky (not by design) and I let them sit on the sewing table – creating a mental roadblock.  I knew ‘Chirp, Chirp’ needed to be a quilt top this month, wanted it to be layered and at least have the machine quilting started and there it hung.

Borderless...for a few weeks. UGH!!!

Like I was thinking the un-pressed borders were going to magically press themselves, overcoming the perceived wonkiness in the process and attach to the quilt body all by themselves. HA!!  That NEVER happens!  

Once I buckled down the other night and got the plain parts of the borders sewn to the pieced parts and attached, the creative juices started flowing again!  I am my own worst enemy.  I stopped mid-project and then everything stopped. 

Now that it is a top, I have the push to get it layered but more importantly, I have the push to get going on a few other projects.   It’s time to get serious about the Sauder Village Challenge "Winds of Change".  

The required Triple Windmill block is based on an 8 x 8 grid.  

This year's fabric is Peppered Cottons but Cory Pepper for Studio E.

This block must be foundation pieced so I made my foundations in 2 sizes - 4 inch and 8 inch,

sketched some layouts,

and played with paper blocks.

The open area is for a 12 inch block, not yet drafted. This may or may not be even related to the final design but it's fun to play in full size. The difference in scale between the size of the blocks makes the transition points very critical.

Color decisions are yet to be made but this is the swatch card of the colors I've already purchased.  

There may need to be some more shopping happening here. Oh, Darn!

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