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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Back and Working the Blues

Hi - I'm back.  

That was an unscheduled break from blogging but all is well and I'm back.

There are a bunch of little things going on and a lot of nothing - making for poor blog fodder! 

To get back in the saddle, let's start small...

New Project!!  

I'm drawing stitching lines on a boatload of 2.5 inch squares, making 2 inch HST units, which will finish at 1.5 inches.

Lots of blue squares

When I get this pile done, there will be more cut, marked and sewn.  Some of these were blue 2.5 strips in my scrap box, some were Bali Pops charm squares, quartered.  Before I can start stitching - I need some cream/white batik. The stash is notoriously void of said neutrals, which may result in a bit of fabric shopping...oh, DANG!!  
(insert evil shopping maven laugh here)

Yes, there is a 'Vague Idea' of where it's going. It's a longer term project to keep fabric under the needle while some of the challenge projects percolate in the design stage, or pre-design stage, or pre-pre design stage...

Stay tuned as I tweak the plan for these units.

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