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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Confessions On the Border

Confession Time first:

Last week took the wind out of my sewing sails.  Between the frigid temps, a few three hour one-way commutes to work, snow and general blahs, I didn't get much any sewing done.  I totally lost my momentum. 

On the Border:

I finally, finally pushed through the wall on Saturday, by making these pieces.

These will become the borders for the Chirp, Chirp quilt. 

 After carefully plotting the placement on graph paper, it was time to get back down into the studio and get the borders built. 

Partial borders sewn, waiting  to be pressed and have the plain extension pieces put on before being added to the quilt center.  I am doing my best to just keep taking things one little step at a time and get back into the quilting groove.  Also balancing sewing with other projects to help move in the right direction - more on those later.

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