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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Studio Check

What's on my cutting table?

Last night, it was not fabric.  

It was my latest eBay acquisition.  
My new used dressage saddle arrived!  While it was in good shape, it needed a cleaning and condition. 



It will need a little more work, as the underflap is a tad too stiff for my liking.  A careful application of neatsfoot oil should soften it up. I need to take it slow so the leather is not overwhelmed.  

The next step?  

Saturday, I'm heading up to the barn for the first fitting to see if this saddle will be the ONE for my new riding focus. It needs to fit me, as well as a few different horses.  Getting all the gear (some new & some used) I need to start schooling dressage will take some time but I'm hoping the saddle hunt is over.  Fingers, paws & hooves are crossed!!  

Tomorrow?  Some sewing bling and maybe some borders to boot!! 

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