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Monday, January 26, 2015

Packing, Moving, and Shopping!

While the focus of this blog is all thing quilt, life has a way of sometimes getting between me & the fabric.

The last two weekends saw a good portion of the time being spent packing up & moving a friend...from a second floor apartment to the lower level of a house an hour away.  Add in a couple of trips to a storage facility plus my extra commute (she lives in Wisconsin) and the sewing machine time was nil. 

I admit, I did squeeze in one ride and then spent yesterday at the first of the Wisconsin Spring 4-H used tack sales.  The afternoon saw me heading into the loft of the barn to dig out unused tack to be cleaned, tagged and put into upcoming sales.  A few wonderful tack finds were made - I'll sprinkle them in between the hopefully more fabric related posts this week.

With all of this out of the house activity, the DH hasn't seen much of me lately either. 

I did get a LOT of diagonal lines drawn on the 2.5 inch blue batik squares during the week!  My focus needs to turn to finding neutral(s) for this project.  That will be an adventure in itself!

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  1. I can empathise with whoever that is under the boxes! I've been that way myself lately, trying to get things into the new unit, then sorted out and put away.