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Monday, January 12, 2015

Post Holiday Treats

I was a Bad Wife

At no time during the Holidays, did I bake cookies.

Not.a. single. cookie.

While there were plenty of treats around here for the holiday, the cupboard is now bare, not a yummy crumb to be found. 

On Saturday morning, while discussing the weekend plans, I asked DH if there was anything else we needed to fit into the schedule, he looked at me, with giant puppy dog eyes and uttered one word:


That did it - I can't take pitiful, puppy dog eyes.  I made two batches:
Eggnog cookies (courtesy of Betty Crocker mix - yes, I cheated)

and, Sugar Cookies.  These look okay don't they?

Normal people would say yes. 

DH? These are a little light on the sprinkles!  ARGH!!! That didn't stop him from scarfing some down when they were still warm!
More weekend activities to come - stay tuned! Hope you had a good one!


  1. I tried to refrain from baking this past holiday season also, because, I knew I would eat everything I baked! You are a good wife!

  2. My hubby just bakes his own cookies, in fact between him and our pastry chef room mate, I didn't bake a single cookie this holiday season either and we still had plenty. :)