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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Machine Bling!

You may have guessed that being a quilter, I LOVE color!  Even love on my sewing machine as evidenced by ‘Wild Cherry’.

But let’s face facts – custom repaint jobs are not a dime a dozen!  And while I dream of someday, repainting my other FW, that day is not today nor does that address the boring white plastic of my 2001 Singer Scholastic 

or the sedate LBOW (Light Beige, Oyster White) of my Singer 301A.  

Neutrals have their place – just not on my sewing machines!

I have found a solution!!!  While scrolling around on the Quiltville Open Studio FB page I found a thread about ‘Tattoo Elementz’.  Curiosity soaring, I googled and found their website! https://www.urbanelementz.com/shop/category/decals/  

Oh – the possibilities!!  While they have other products – quilting patterns for long arms and some other jazz, I was all about the color decals!

The selection of patterns isn’t huge but I found a few that would add just a great splash of color on the two machines needing a boost for the new stitching year. 

For the Singer 301A

 For the Singer 6510


Just have to decide which one. I'm getting me some more COLOR!!!

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  1. Speaking of machine bling have you tried the zig zag attachment for the 301A that I sent you for Christmas yet? Curious minds would like to know ;-)