A View of My Quilt Life

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wild Cherry's First Ride

It was Sunday - my day to start in on Clue # 1 of the Bonnie Hunter's Grand illusion mystery.  I want this to be Wild Cherry's first piecing project.  I got a little excited and thought I was just going to sit down & go. NOT.

I hadn't given her a test drive. I didn't have seam allowance marked or seam guide installed.  I didn't have the tension set for sewing batiks. I was SO NOT ready to sit & sew.  Not to mention I didn't have any fabric cut!  Fortunately, the set up and test block was quick & painless!

Here she is - Wild Cherry - sewing the very first HST! 

She is fabulous!!!  Smooth and steady.  Not to mention the wonderful single hole needle plate - perfect for piecing.  

How nice it is to not have the HST get 'eaten' by the sewing machine, mangling points and stretching bias edges. 


  1. I love piecing on my Featherweight too. Your machine is a beauty.

  2. Go Wild Cherry, go!

    She is beautiful, I'm glad she sews beautifully as well!

  3. MMMMMMMM look at you go to town on that beautiful featherweight! Delicious!