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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sewing Progress

Yes - some stitching has happened here!  Yesterday I drew the last of my hundreds of lines on my end squares. Then last night I was able to sit and sew and sew and sew.  The drawn lines made it easy to keep me on track and the units flying under the needle.

Yep - all my units for the Grand Illusion Clue #1 and Clue #2 are finished.

If you are wondering why I get so excited about doing the mystery (this is my second year participating), you're not alone.  As someone who usually runs the other way when it comes to someone else's pattern, books and kits, I needed to think about this.

I, for one, spend most of the quilting year designing my own quilts, mostly for competitions or challenges, but definitely a solitary endeavor.  

The Bonnie Hunter mystery allows me to relinquish control AND share the process with thousands of other quilters across the globe.  I don’t even need to make color decisions unless I want to! It’s an awesome way to wind down the quilt year, recharge the creative batteries, find the rhythm of the vintage machine, enjoy the fabric and end up with a spectacular quilt!

Whatever you are working on - enjoy the process!

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  1. I find it hard to explain what I love about it, too. I think it is the interaction with people around the world, all working on the project at the same time. Also the surprise factor is part of it - and seeing everyone's end result, with all their different fabrics and colours. I don't know, but I love it!