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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas to All!!

T'was early Christmas Morning and not a creature was stirring...
well, except for me , the dog and all three cats!

That leaves my DH, Sweet Man still asleep in his bed.

I've only a short wait and he'll be up and about so I'd better be quick here.

Before you know it there will be presents to unwrap

and breakfast to make. 

Fortunately, we've no travel plans for today, though it's not too cold out and the snow forecasted, never arrived.  We'll spend the day together, hanging with the pets, watching movies, hand stitching and noshing holiday food all day!

But before all the festivities begin here, I want to wish everyone a very

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  1. Hope your holidays are shaping up to be wonderful. Merry Happy Holiday dear friend. hugs and squishes, Scarlet and fan