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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas Eve!

There are still presents to wrap, 

a gift hunt to map, 

cookies to bake, 

and quilt units to make.

Today is the first day of a week off work and while there may be things to do, I am going to go slow and just enjoy the process.  Of course, I was up before my work alarm would have gone off, raring to go, not wanting to miss a minute. 

First up is wrapping the DH's presents, hopefully before he rolls out of bed!  I came home early from work yesterday to find my Sweet Man in my studio!  Lo and behold, my cutting and sewing tables had be commandeered as Gift Wrap Central!  He was working around and on top (!) of the Grand Illusion blocks and strips I hadn't put away because he didn't want to mess anything up.  I was promptly banished upstairs!  So no sewing was done yesterday but I did spend some time on eBay! 

Let's not mention that to DH right now... when the boxes arrive will be soon enough. 

 A girl has to keep herself amused now doesn't she???

Venturing out will be done as soon as shops open this morning!  The weatherman is predicting snow later today - heavy & wet.  Can't complain because we've only had a tiny bit so far this winter and while I'm grateful for that, it would be nice to have a white Christmas. 

This morning, I am linking up with:

 My Christmas quilty item is a small tree skirt I made several years ago.  It's not fancy or intricately quilted but it was a challenge that I am proud of.

You see, I decided to make this long after this fabric was out of print and I only had a few fat quarters - not exactly ideal conditions!  There was no convincing me other wise, I am much to stubborn to give up in the face of adversity. 

I was going to make this no matter what and I did.  That's when the true global-ness of our quilting passion came into focus for me.  I was able to hunt down more of this print...on the internet ... in the United Kingdom! We won't mention the exact dollar amount spent on this little project but needless to say, there were shipping charges involved.

My wedges had to be modified in order to make this work.  I drafted the pattern on paper taking into consideration the depth of the skirt, the repeat of the print rows, the size I needed and the amount of fabric I had.  I love the bright spirit of the season this fabric captures.

And may that bright spirit of the season fill your heart, however you celebrate the winter holidays.

Time to go wrap some presents! 

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  1. I hope you and your husband have a very happy Christmas, and you have a fantastic week off work!