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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fabric Hunting

So remember yesterday and the unfinished blocks made from the Downton Abbey collection for the second row? 
Really need better pictures with good lighting - and soon!
Yep - that's the one - I need more of the blue floral medallion fabric to finish and I gave myself permission to go to the quilt store to buy it.  Only thing was, Pieceful Gatherings was out of stock on this one & the green floral medallion that I know I'm going to need more of too. And while they have it on order, there's no telling when it will arrive.  It appears I have  apparently designed myself into a corner, again. DRAT!! 

What to do, what to do??!! 

I let my fingers do the walking and called almost every quilt shop in a 40 mile radius, repeating my request for help with my dilemma.  Of course, I was hoping to find it local so I could get the block and rows done.  Ten quilt shops later & I found it!!  At Quilters Quest, 43 miles away but they had both fabrics! The weather was bright, sunny and 46 degrees - perfect for a a little drive for fabric shopping.  YES - we are melting here. It will take awhile before we ever see bare ground but we are starting a thaw/refreeze cycle typical of this time of year.  Today we have ice, sleet, rain and snow forecasted, so that will be interesting, which made yesterday a better day for fabric hunting.

I went, I bought, I came home & I washed. 

Oh and two other fabrics tagged along back home with me.  I swear I don't know how they ended up in my shopping bag . No, really I don't! But I bet you all do.  Just look at that batik! It's FABULOUS! 

And the violet? Well, that is Marcus Fabrics Shot-Cee (shot cotton), yarn dyed woven cotton fabric. It's only a fat quarter that I am testing out to see how it washes and dries.  I have had experience with others shot cottons so I want to see how this one stacks up.  It's a bit soft in hand and the weave didn't tighten up as much as I had hoped it would.

Now I can get the center block done for the DDD row quilt and get them all sewn together.  The silks are waiting on the cutting table...

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