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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Warm Kitties, Soft Human

The DH and I were watching TV last night, when the he started to get a bit chilly.  Since his seat is close to the outside wall and it is winter, this happens.  Lately, in the evening, DH hangs the quilt or comforter over the windows in the living and dining rooms to block any windy drafts.

But this was stopping that.

Zappa holding down the comforter
Of course, DH wouldn't wake a sleeping kitty. Instead he got up to nudge the thermostat up a bit and he found this:

Zena holding down the floor register

It's hard to see but if you look really close, right by Zena's paws, you see the light brown of the floor heat register.  She is completely blocking all the heat from coming up on that end of the living room. DH didn't have the heart to move her off.  He just grabbed a light blanket instead. I had my quilt.

No, our cats are not spoiled. Why would you think that?

Surprise - It's Snowing...again! Most of the snow came down overnight but the blowing and drifting is a huge problem.  They just closed some major artery roads in the town just south of us, so we won't be going anywhere anytime soon.  We are in a repeating pattern of snow, cold, snow, cold. Well, it is winter after all.  I am in a repeating pattern in the studio - stitch, stop, pivot, stitch, stop, turn, stitch.....

I AM making progress on quilting my Caribbean Solstice - the pieced borders are almost done but I am now going back into the center adding some additional diagonal lines. And I think I am adding some stitching to the narrow cream border. I thought I would get the binding stitched on yesterday but that has moved to today. Well maybe - fingers crossed.  They will get put on when I decide the quilting is finished. At some point it has to be just DONE already! Oh but then there is the teal outer border...

Oh, and I have the instructions for the next row of blocks for the Downton Abbey fabric quilt challenge. Need to hit the block book...

Stay warm or cool wherever you are. Stitch on!

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