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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Just Use Your Danged Tools Already

We'll pick up where we left off on the DDD challenge quilt - the shortage of the blue floral medallion fabric.  A shortage, I confess, was caused by my own hand.  It's true - I was 'winging' it and in the process creating too much waste.  When working with triangle and foundation piecing, it's still best to cut the rough shape and not just use strips, whacking off & wasting chunks of fabric. I know that and yet I was so anxious to see how the gentleman's fancy blocks would turn out, I forged ahead without thinking of the consequences. Well, DRAT, we all know how that turned out - Fabric Shortage!

The really stupid thing about this is that I after using the Easy Angle ruler in the making of my Caribbean Solstice quilt, I bought the Companion Angle ruler - just a week or so ago. Before I was making the GF blocks. DUH!! In the picture below, you can clearly see that the shape I needed is the Companion Angle triangle. 

All cut & ready to go!
 Could have saved some frustration, gas & time if I had just used my new quilting tool!  Beat head against wall here - to make sure the lesson learned stays in the brain.
Use the Right Tool for the Job!

I did cut the triangles slightly larger than they needed to be but at this point, I didn't want any shy seam allowances.  I did have to trim back a bit before attaching the cream corner triangle (oh, look - you used your Easy Angle ruler for those!).

 Having the right tools and using them make nice, neat accurate units to attached to the center section of the blocks. Lesson Learned!!!

And finally, I was able to get the two rows outside this morning for a better picture.  These two rows will not be next to each other in the final layout - at least that's my plan but this is a challenge quilt so one never knows.  I can pick up March's challenge guidelines next Saturday, right when they open their doors. 

In the meantime, on to other projects!

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  1. Wow, they look fantastic! And I can't believe it is nearly March already.