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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Where's Cherry???

I'm here or rather I am in the Studio today.

Wrestling my Caribbean Solstice (Bonnie Hunter's 2013 Mystery Quilt Celtic Solstice) through my workhorse Singer 6510 to get it machine quilted.


I started the wrestling in earnest yesterday. I have pictures but they aren't pretty. The blocks are multiplying as I quilt them. Down to the last corner of the center section and then it's on to quilting the borders. Which if the multiplying continues, will be miles and miles and miles of borders. 

I WILL get this done. 

I Hope.

I'm giving it my best shot.

We'll see...

Oh, and I'm still waiting on the washer install guys. 

The DH is glad I am in the Studio, rather than upstairs ranting about things.  

So are the dogs. 

Happy Saturday & First of February! 
Only 46 more days until SPRING!! 

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  1. Sew sew sew!

    We change seasons on the first of the month, so here it is only 26 days to my favourite season, autumn!