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Monday, February 3, 2014

Mish-Mash Monday

Lots of different things going on today.

First up - LAUNDRY! I am so excited! Okay, I know that sounds weird but not having a washer for a week and a half does funny things to your brain. 

The installer guys finally got here late Saturday afternoon and started off by telling me the dryer should have been disconnected in order for them to get the washer in place and the other installers should have told me that.  I LOST IT at this point. I told them that NO, I had not been told that & there was plenty of room to get the old washer out and the new one in place. Yes it's a bit tight BUT it can be done with some shifting about.  I mean, we totally cleared out the laundry room in preparation - I can't move walls and I was not disconnecting gas lines or moving the dryer.  I admit I was a bit raving mad because they very nearly didn't come on Saturday due to a scheduling error on their end (I called to reschedule on Wednesday afternoon for Pete's sake!).   Low and behold, the installers got the job done. (I did let the DH handle the rest of the matter before the top of my head blew off & I had a complete meltdown.)  I didn't care if they had to lift the washer over their heads to get it in place, they were NOT leaving my house until I had a washer hooked up, tested and ready to wash clothes. 

It's beautiful! And the noise it makes while running is completely different from what I am used to hearing.  Since I was busy finishing up the quilting of the center of Caribbean Solstice, the DH couldn't wait to tackle the dirty clothes pile. Got to LOVE a man that does laundry!  We are learning the new washer's setting and sounds. Today, I am the laundry maid - sheets and blankets are next up. 

Second - More work on the Reduce/Recycle Project.  Today is the cleaning out of the dresser. Clothes for donation to be bagged and moved to the garage for the pick up scheduled next week.

Third - the usual chores: banking, bills, dusting, vacuuming, grocery shopping, etc.

Reward - After all the chores are done, the quilting on CS continues!  I am on to the borders - YAY!! The pieced blue and orange border section takes 6 quilting passes down the length of the border. I have completed 4 passes on one side, so far. But I have to say - it goes quick!! I haven't decided what if any quilting will be done on the cream & teal sections of border. I may even go back into the center section and do a bit more quilting on it. Still deciding...
Binding just laid in place.
 The binding is picked out and just waiting to be cut and sewn on. Maybe, just maybe that will happen later today so I can start the hand stitching on it tonight - Fingers Crossed!

Have a great Monday - I'll be downstairs if you need me.

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  1. Hooray for washing!

    Your quilting looks good - you are inspiring me to keep going. I assembled my triangle border yesterday, but am still deciding on the inner border fabric.