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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Up and Down - The Highs and Lows of Things

Yesterday brought some ups and some downs.

The Highs
The last of the flooring is down!  All that's left is for DH to put on the edge trim. These last dozen planks along the edge of the stairwell were laid with adhesive. So we also spent some time washing adhesive off  kitty paws.  Yes, we had barriers in place around the adhesive while it set up and no, you can't stop curious cats.  There are no pictures of that because four hands are barely enough to get the paws washed.  And I need to go back over the kitchen and dining room floors and deal with a few paw prints left  behind.  

The upstairs bathtub grout touch up and caulking is done!  I forgot to take a before picture but it looked similar to the caulk in the downstairs shower stall.  
Sad old caulk

Somebody before us applied acrylic caulk/sealant ON TOP of silicone caulk. Over time the acrylic dried out and pulled away from the surface, making it look terrible and allowing grunge to build up under the edges.  It had to go, as did the old silicone (still intact & doing its job).
Cleaned and grout touched up
 A few spots of grout needed a touch up and the new caulk went on.
 I cheated. Yes, I did - I used the Magic Caulk Tape.  So quick & easy & done!  The downstairs shower is next as part of the face lift it's going to get.

New caulk tape all around!

The Super High
I Won a Giveaway!! Oh and What a Giveaway!!! I was the winner of Christa Quilts Year of Weekly Giveaways # 46 - 10 yards of Riley Blake fabric from their Basics Collection called Shades in the Granite colorway!!!!! It's a rich mottled grey fabric with just a hint of purple.
Isn't it pretty?!!
 I was flying high all day and still am!  There were 376 Comments left on this post & I won - AMAZING!!  The DH was a little concerned when he heard me scream.  I not too calmly explained the reason & he got excited too. Though, I must confess that his happiness comes from that fact that this fabric is destined to be the back of his "Grey is Not a Color' quilt. Which means I no longer have ANY excuses to not get his quilt finished. You all will be seeing the progress here in future posts.

The Lows
I am officially out of black silk so the silk quilt is hanging out on the design wall until my shipment arrives. I did get the two royal blue rows sewn and attached. The deep purple and the royal blue are photographing as almost the same color. There is more of a difference in these two colors.
The deep purple and royal blue rows added
Early morning temps of -3 degrees F.  Sunny but cold, perfect for icicle watching.

Me.  I have joined the 'Lost Traction on the Ice' team on our own driveway.

The Polar Bear looks more graceful than I did - guaranteed!
And much like a 'not ready for the Olympics' ice skater, I landed on my left hip and hand. I'm fine - bruised and sore - but fine.  A few days of sewing should make it all better. Though there just may be a quick Road Trip thrown in for a change of scenery - we'll see.

Be careful out there.

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  1. Congratulations on the flooring, the grouting, but especially the win! 10 yards is a big prize, and obviously you were meant to win if have a project waiting for a backing.

    Hope the bruising and soreness is going away by now.