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Friday, February 21, 2014

We Killed the Keuring

I did not know it was possible but we did it - we killed our Keuring coffee machine.

DH loves his coffee.  He loved his Keuring machine. And we killed it.

It is a machine that holds/heats water and our water is crappy.  The machine has a warning light for running a descaling cycle.  Only thing is, is that by the time the descaling light comes on, it's too late. Way. Too. Late.

Ask me how I know.  And I should have known better.  White vinegar is your best cleaning weapon and I do know that.  (The DH has finally gotten over the 'it smells like pickles' thing he first objected to when I use it around the house.)

 And since he uses the coffee machine several times in one day, he should have paid more attention to the owners manual where it states "descale every 3-6 months regardless of the indicator light".

After a lengthy debate, the Keuring has been replaced. 

 The budget will be adjusted and life goes on. 

The DH has put descaling reminders on the kitchen calendar, every 2 months (!) for the remainder of the year, to avoid any further premature deaths.

We will not speak of this incident ever again.

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