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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Case of the Missing Longjohns

Yes, my long underdrawers have been missing during this remarkable cold winter.  I looked everywhere they should have been to no avail.

Since we have the charity truck coming for a pick up today, DH & I spent part of yesterday cleaning out dressers and closets in a fit of early Spring cleaning.   Well, lo and behold the missing garment has been found - the second to last day of frigidly cold weather that is forecasted for the rest of this month!  Not entirely sure how they found their way to the very back of that dresser drawer but I am glad to have them back where they belong!  It's the small thing in life that make me happy.

Today, we are celebrating St. Valentine's Day - early.  Red Lobster is having their LobsterFest and we couldn't resist the commercials any longer.  We plan to head out for a late lunch/early dinner when it's not very busy. This will be a combination Anniversary/Valentine's Day/Birthday dinner splurge - can't wait! 

We already treated ourselves to our Valentine's Day chocolate.  I picked up fudge in 3 flavors, chocolate covered strawberries (they are HUGE), 

rum and amaretto fudge balls and milk and dark chocolate covered bacon! YUM!!!

No, we haven't eaten it all but what we did taste was awesome and indulgent!

Sewing has been put on the back burner - only some hand quilting and some design doodling done.  Need to get busy on quite a few different things but feeling a bit out of the groove. Maybe the lobster will help me get my groove back. 

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