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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

LIGHTS, Camera, Quilt!

So I had a bit of a quiet quilting meltdown on Sunday.  I was trying to trim silk blocks to size. Black and deep purple silk on a green cutting mat...in my studio with it's bad lighting. ARGH!!!!  As you can imagine, it wasn't pretty.  The DH, wise man that he is, agreed something needed to be done. Quiet meltdowns are kind of scary to him I guess. 

BUT it is now!!  Well, not 'pretty' but it's bright & that is pretty awesome.  

The trip to Home Depot for the floor finish project supplies was detoured into the lighting aisles with so many options to pick from.  I knew what I didn't want.  I didn't want this to turn into a nightmare electrical rewiring the whole lower level of the house project.  I didn't want a 'pretty fixture', I didn't want something that takes over the space & makes it industrial workshop looking and I didn't want it permanent or expensive. In the end, I went practical, reasonably priced, removable, repositionable and BRIGHT.
10 1/2" Brooder Clamp Light 

Hung on a hook on the wood beam
I am using a 75 watt CFL daylight bulb and OH, what a difference it makes! 

That picture is taken without any of the other room lights on and the camera flash off. 
And so is this one.

YAY - I have LIGHT!!  I am one Happy Quilter! And all for $20!!  

There just may be another one if these lights in my future, for over my sewing table.  We'll deal with the hang-y cords later - there's a plan for that.

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