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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Run Away Day!

I am running away today!

Not far and not for long and I'm needing some sewing time later this afternoon but I am hitting the road in just a bit.

I am hoping the roads are all cleared after yesterday's snow (3 inches).  Cabin fever was starting to set in around here so Wil & I decided to run a few errands anyway. Roads were a bit tricky but we HAD to get out and about. The dogs are stir crazy but temps are too low for long walkies and it's getting colder for the next few days. As of last night the official snowfall record for this winter in 62.2 inches (that's 5 feet, 2.2 inches or 1.58 meters or 158 centimeters).  Whichever way you look at it - it's a lot of snow.  In comparison, our 'normal' snowfall is around 24 inches (2 feet, .61 meters or 61 centimeters).  

As long as it's OFF the roads I need to travel, all is good. The sun is out, shining and bright.  Perfect for getting out and meeting up with the girls for a get together lunch and catch up chat!  

I have a finish to share with you all tomorrow and a new start. That's the plan anyway.

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