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Monday, February 24, 2014


Spring starts when?  Well, it depends on your definition of Spring.  

Meteorological Spring commences on March 1st - that's this Saturday - 5 days from today. The TV weather people are all talking about Spring this morning, as they report we are getting a blast of Polar Vortex air this week. Saturday's high temp is 17 degrees.  Kind of  ironic that it will be colder on Saturday than on Friday.

The Spring Equinox is March 20th - the traditional first day of Spring. That is still 26 days away - over 3 more weeks of Winter. 

Apparently, someone didn't get the memo on when Spring will really arrive.

Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal
You have to look close to see the female on the right side. The 'fuzziness' of this picture is caused by the falling sleet/icy snow and fog of last Thursday.  

We are making a Home Depot run later this morning as we tackle the finish work on the floor trim. I expect one of us will be making at least one more trip there before we are done with this little project.  

In between, I'll be working on the silk quilt.  I have just enough black to make two more rows. But I'll have to wait until my order arrives before I can work on the last six outside rows.  No new pictures of its current state but I feel the need to end with a quilt picture.  A deep purple row has been added to each end and the parts for two royal blue rows are on the cutting table.

 Have a great Monday!

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  1. Here we name the seasons by the months, rather than the solstice/equinox. So for us autumn starts on 1st March, and we have 3 days of summer left after today (I'm writing this on the 25th).

    A few years back there was an American guy working in the same office as me. Towards the end of August he was complaining about the cold, so I told him not to worry, spring started on 1st September, and then the weather would be lovely. On the morning of 1st Sept, the sun came out, the weather was beautiful, and my US co-worker was stunned that I hadn't been joking, after all. Of course I was, and I was just lucky I got away with it.

    Hope spring starts exactly on schedule for you this year!