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Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy President's Day!

Here comes the snow!   

We are forecasted to get between 6-8 inches today with the possibility of Thunder Snow. Thunder snow is exactly what it sounds like - a thunder storm while snowing producing snowfall rates of 2-3 inches an hour. I need to make a quick run to the store this morning for a few things that I should have picked up yesterday when I was out but didn't.

After that I can get into my studio.  There is a new sewing plan for the DDD row quilt in place for today.  Wait - what happened to the plan from the other day? Well... this is what my sewing table looked like on Saturday.

Nope - no sewing machine in sight. That is a kitchen cabinet that was taken out of the kitchen about this time last year.  It's been hanging around the garage, waiting to find it's new purpose in life. It is going to have a spot in my studio, replacing the microwave cart.  But first it needed to have wheels installed which is why it's on my sewing table.

The microwave cart is now living in the laundry room, proving storage and a folding surface. The DH removed the previous clothes hanging pole unit in the laundry room, replacing it with a simple pole mounted on brackets much higher up on the wall.  I can reach the hangers - if I stretch or stand on tip toes.  He did check the height with me.  I choose to use this as additional exercise in my day.  The old clothes hanging pole unit is going into the garage, where the old kitchen cabinet was, for odd coats and jackets.  

Ziggy checking out the new laundry room arrangement
It's like a big ongoing chain of switching items around, finding new purposes and refining storage solutions.  I got all of the rags, extra towels and blankets into the microwave cart. And then I moved onto my new cabinet.

The top fits three, yes all three, of my smaller drawer units! Which means my red roller tote slides in next to the cabinet and I turned the project drawer unit sideways, as the kitchen cabinet is much deeper than the microwave cart was.  

I didn't take a picture of the inside of the cabinet but there is actually some empty space inside! 

The paper piecing foundations have been drafted for the five Gentleman's Fancy blocks.

Here is the color plan for the row - just need to switch a few fabrics to address the blue shades.

Stay safe and warm or cool and dry where ever you are!

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