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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Gentleman's Fancy Block Progress!

We ended up with about 5 inches of snow yesterday & I made it home from my errands with minutes to spare before the first round of heavy stuff started coming down.  The DH was not as lucky as he dawdled and delayed starting his errands early. As I was busy in the studio, I wasn't paying close attention to how long he had been gone at first. Then I got concerned because the snow was getting heavier and he had been out over 2 hours. Thankfully he appeared about 10 minutes after I called his phone (got voice mail), relaying the fact that it was whiteout conditions on the roads and he should have gone out earlier, like I had said. DUH!! 

I was warm, dry & sewing and I made some progress on the Gentleman's Fancy blocks for the Daring Downton Debacle challenge row quilt!!  

These are the center sections of all five blocks. The color progression will be better once I add the outer sections to each center. Falling under the heading of 'Never leaving well enough alone', I added some extra (Really??!!) pieces to the middle so the center cream square wouldn't be as big as it was in the test block.

Notice how small the new 'C' piece is in my version of the block.

On the left is the regular Gentleman's Fancy block. On the right, my changes are shown in red. I added the corner HSTs so it related better to the Royal Cross blocks I made for the first row.  The additions to the center added 8 more pieces to each block, bringing the block piece count to 49!

I'll be back at it again today - I have to piece the outer sections, join them to each center, sew the blocks to each other & the row will be done! I imagine the dogs will be keeping me company as the day is sunny & bright, meaning a great studio sunspot to snooze in.  On the TV will be the result on my snowy errands yesterday.

It was actually on the shelf at our library!  Amazing!! I know I am a latecomer to the Downton Abbey audience but I enjoy being able to watch the episodes/seasons all at once rather than having to wait and then wrangle control of the Big TV from the husband.

After the blocks are sewn together, there are some silks hanging around the cutting table. Maybe today or maybe tomorrow for those...

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  1. Your blocks are looking good - but I'm looking forward to seeing the colour progression once you get the outer rounds done.

    Downton Abbey is quite addictive, but it has been getting progressively sillier, so that at times in the most recent season I thought perhaps it had become too silly to watch. But then again, I probably will watch the next one when it airs!