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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Oh No - Distractions, Distractions, Distractions!

Day of Distractions!

I was suppose to get together with a former co-worker for some job hunting networking yesterday but that got moved to today.  So rather than get busy in the studio right away, I ran to Walmart for a few things but got sidetracked by the library.  I did need to return a few books and while there, I discovered the hold I place at the library in the next town over had my material waiting to be picked up. ACK! So I swung over there to grab the item and then hit Walmart for the shopping.

Once home, the water softener needed the salt I just picked up and there was a load of clothes right there in the laundry room, next to the water softener, waiting to be washed. Since I was already downstairs the dogs needed to go out and once back upstairs, needed their midday pills.  So there I am in the kitchen and lo and behold - it's lunch time. Well, late lunch time and the DH is saying he'd heading out to meet a buddy. 

Great, I thought, he's gone out & I'll have the house to myself and I'll get busy at the sewing machine. BUT then I thought - he's gone out & I'll have the house to myself and control of the big TVs remote!

Remember the library hold item? It's the biggest distraction of the day...

Season One of Downton Abbey on DVD!
I figure that since I am doing the row quilt challenge using the Downton Abbey fabrics, I should at least have a passing knowledge of the series, right?  I watched the first three parts  - I'm hooked.

 Hope you accomplished the things on your list today - I'm back working on mine, hopefully without too many distractions!

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